Swimming lessons für women in Munich

After we successfully launched the first swimming training round for young refugee women, we are planing to organize more in Munich! Swimming is not only a playful activity to strengthen the whole physical body but also a beautiful occasion to resonate with ones own body. A lot of the refugee women are traumatized and have barely had the occasion to “feel themselves”, as their major focus was to reach the country they had always dreamed of as being “better” than their home place. Being in a swimsuit, learning how to swim and being encouraged to go on the edge, can create chances to develop their own personality. We love it. Want to support this project financially ? Click here. 

Helping with pottery classes

POTTERY HELPS: The pottery class for traumatized women which was organized by Stella Enabling Education in Munich has just been finished. The class captured more than 15 women and was running since the end of February. We received a lot of positive feedback from these wonderful and strong women who participated in this important course as well as their committed teachers. The women enjoyed especially the idea and process of creativity and creation with their hands which helped them to express and free their emotions, which have often been repressed as a consequence of traumatising events they experienced in their life. If you would like to support us in organising important events like this, please find more detailed information on: http://www.stella-bildung-bewegt.org/geld-spenden/ Love – Anna Meisner

Die Medienagentur “Feine Worte” unterstützt uns bei unserer Charity Art Auction im Oktober

“FEINE WORTE”: Die Kraft der Sprache ist so essentiell. Auch, wenn es darum geht, das Werbematerial für unsere Benefiz-Kunstversteigerung im Oktober zu gestalten. Wir freuen uns somit umso mehr, die Münchner Medienagentur “Feine Worte” für unser Event auch in diesem Jahr wieder als Partner für diese Tätigkeit gewonnen zu haben. Die Idee unsere Benefizveranstaltung ist wie in den vergangenen Jahren auch von dem Sharing Gedanken geprägt. Wir bringen uns alle ehrenamtlich und ohne Gage ein, um einen größeren Zweck, hohe Erlöse für dringend benötigte Schulbücher in Indien und Indonesien, zu erreichen. Sharing ist Caring. Danke, Eva Römmelt, für Deine jahrelange Treue unserem gemeinnützigen Verein gegenüber! Eure Stellas 


Hier Bilder von unserer letzten Charity Art Auction.

School Books for Streetkids in South India

Wir freuen uns so sehr, dass wir im Frühjahr 2018 im Süden Indiens haben helfen können: Schulbücher für Strassenkinder. So lautet eines unserer Projekte. Armut ist ein weiter Begriff. In Indien kann er bedeuten, ohne ein Dach über dem Kopf leben zu müssen und nicht zu wissen, wann es eine nächste Mahlzeit gibt. Es gibt kein staatliches soziales Auffangnetz. Bildung ist oft der einzige Weg um dieser Spirale zu entkommen. Die Kinder dort sind genauso wissbegierig wie anderswo auch. Bei Kindern, die auf der Straße leben, fehlt es insbesondere an Lernmaterialien. Um dies zu ändern haben wir mit unserem lokalen Partner Schulbücher besorgt, mit denen die Kinder nun Lesen lernen und in fremde Welten eintauchen können um so auch Impulse für andere Lebensmodelle und -perspektiven zu bekommen. 

Third library for Bali!

THIRD LIBRARY FOR BALI: Earlier this year, we could built up two school libraries in remote areas on Bali. The children who go to school there are working not only with a very limited range of educational books but also with books that are more than thirty years old and already rotten. Book pages are often missing. Together with our local partner Gusti we have decided do to more and build up a new third school library because we want to provide more children with access to education. The first books were bought these days in the capital Denpasar. Check out the video and if you feel like, donate 200€, 500€ or 1000€ for the good cause: www.stella-enabling-education.org !

100% of your donation flows directly into the project realization as all cost of Stella are funded by private and corporate partners.

Working with hands to overcome traumata

The pottery class that took place earlier this year which was organised by Stella Enabling Education for traumatized women has been a great success. Many of the participating women said, that they never had the chance before to work and express themselves artistically, since most of them are coming from underpriviledged backgrounds and many of them experienced violence and abuse in their life. Therefore, pottery making, which has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries, is a wonderful art of expression which significantly contributes and supports the healing process of traumas. We would very much appreciate your support to make such wonderful events also possible in the future. Each Euro count. Please find more detailed information on: http://www.stella-bildung-bewegt.org/geld-spenden/ – Yours Anna Meisner

Dancing workshop for traumatized kids

DANCE DANCE DANCE: Some while ago, my friend Laura Much, an international dancer, has organized via Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. a dancing workshop for the children of our partner school Blumenau in Munich. The „Kita“ Blumenau is a special education institution. More than 90% of the children have an international background with roots in Iraq, Russia or Croatia. A vast number of the kids are traumatized. They receive special care in the Kita from specially trained teacher. Laura introduced the children to dance free, to let fall their body to the rhythm of the music. She helped them to discover new movements, to forget the feeling for time and the awareness of being in a sports hall. She managed to get their attention from the very beginning – even the boys who were at the beginning watching the workshop with distance – began to get into the “wave” shortly after Laura played the music and started to dance. Laura offered the course to the children, pro bono. Not usual in these times. Here a  video of the afternoon – it was a pleasure to watch the kids leaving their “comfort zone”. Thanks Laura Much!!


Donation received by surprise, lovely !

MONEY: Yes, also we from Stella Enabling Education need cash to realize our projects! Money, money, money … How to improve our cash balance, we ask ourselves some days … and then, on other days, lovely surprises reaches us as e.g. a donation of 250 EUR from my new assurance agent who spontaneously transferred the money yesterday night to our NGO account. The same day, I sent him an email in which, by coincidence, my signature with www.stella-enabling-education.org is stated in small letters. He was obviously reading my mail until the very end of the signature text, went on our homepage and then, hoooop, showed action! I never met my agent in person, we just spoke once on the phone. We, humans, are amazing. So full of surprises. Lets never give up our hope in believing in the good. Hugs, Corinna-Rosa

Books for Bali in 2018!

Bali – distributing the most amazing teaching books ever ♥♥ – the books were designed by local artists and covered environmental issues as well as animal protection in such a sweet and convincing way that I started to read the books myself with huge enthusiasm. ❤ We want to do more. Support our work if you feel it’s a good thing: www.stella-enabling-education.org

Pottery Class for traumatized Women in Munich

Pottery class for traumatized women in Munich: We are not just happy but thrilled to have launched our first pottery course for traumatized women in Munich! It starts today, Wednesday, the 2nd of May, and will run for two months teaching more than 15 women how to express themselves through art. Pottery is a chance to feel new material in ones hands and to shape a new unique figure that never existed before. The participating women all have a social background in which the expression of an own character was often not taught, neither encouraged. They come from financially underprivileged families and/ or were sexually abused. For most of these women it is the first time in their life to get the chance to enter into a new life dimension. By taking the time and by being guided by an expert to first feel and then shape, to create an external body form of what they experience(d) deep inside. You think this is cool? Support us: http://www.stella-bildung-bewegt.org/geld-spenden/

More swimming lessons for young refugee women in Munich

After we successfully launched the first swimming training round for young refugee women, we are planing to organize more in Munich! Swimming is not only a playful activity to strengthen the whole physical body but also a beautiful occasion to get in resonance with ones own body. A lot of the refugee women are traumatized and have barely had the occasion to “feel themselves” as their major focus was to reach the country they were always dreaming of as being a “better place” to their home place. Being in a swimsuit, learning how to swim and being encouraged to go on the edge create a chance to further develop ones own personality. We love it. Want to support this project financially ? Click here. 

Accomplished: Swim training for young refugee women in Munich!

We are were glad that we could organize swim training for young refugee women in Munich this year. Judith Stangl realized the project. Most of the women come from an islamic background. Most of them never learned how to swim. It is great seeing them enjoying their swim lessons that took place during a 2 months training. More info about this endeavor to come soon!

We did it : New library equipment for a remote school in the Northern part of Bali! Yeah!!

In January, I was in the Northern part of Bali helping to build up a library for more than 100 sweet elementary school kids. I will soon share more about that story, but here already some images and a few words.

With Gusti, my amazingly sweet Balinease cooperation partner, we drove with our motorbikes through heavy rain, the 300 school books somehow well and dry-safe stored under our feed, on our backs and our hips until we have finally reached the school. The school is something like an hour out of Ubud, located in a non-touristic area. And, guess what – when we arrived, the sun was shining. Magic.

The school kids waved and welcomed us warmly. I am so happy that I could give a little bid back to this magical islands that has entered into my heart already 22 years ago when I first rode on its mystical waves during my first visit here. I would love to do more here to strengthen the local cultural development.

If you feel like this is a good thing, support our pro bono initiative by liking us https://m.facebook.com/StellaEnablingEducation/…
or even help us with donations
Each Euro is soo required.

Sharing is caring, that is what can be read everywhere – so let’s practice it!

Love – Coco

Charity Art Auction

CHARITY ART AUCTION: Almost ten years ago, I have organised a charity art auction at the Lenbachhaus in Munich. Around twenty artists donated each one piece of their oeuvres for the good cause. Classical music was played by musician friends of mine. The outcome was overwhelming. We made more than 13.000€ on that night. The artists Haying Xu and Jan Davidoff joined the Stella initiative ten years ago as well and we became good friends since ten. We met last week at the art opening of Haying in the gallery Binder. This is where these pictures were made. This is her work (which I admire a lot). With Anna Wondrak, a well-respected art historian, we have recently started to plan another charity art auction in Munich. More information to be provided soon! I am already looking very much forward to the next Stella event ! Enjoy your sweet Sunday ❤☀❤

Sunday surprise! Always welcome!

Good morning little beautiful world – you are so amazing and daily full with surprises. Like today, as I woke up, checked the account of my little NGO Stella Enabling Education and found many beautiful small money transfer transactions to our favor. Someone who has had recently her birthday party, obviously have asked to receive donations for the good cause instead of presents for herself. Many people, I never met before, donated therefore parts of their income to us so that we, the Stella community, can continue our work. I have founded Stella ten years ago and am working in my free time to keep the organization ongoing. All the money we receive flows directly into our projects. We could reach almost 4000 kids in the meantime. You see, sooo much is possible if you only believe in it and know what you want. Thank youuuuuuuu – with much much love, Corinna-Rosa

Books for Leh!

Here our video from Leh for you. We have been supporting the school since more than ten years. Hundreds of hundreds of scholars were able to learn how to write, to read and to do maths. This year, we could provide them with tons of new school books. The children do come from remote parts of the Himalaya and need sometimes a couple of days to reach the boarding school. Have a look yourself: our scholars definitely enjoy them. Thanks to your generosity! Love Corinna-Rosa

You want to meet the real heros?

Just recently, we could be the sunshine for 70 little kids. But who is really behind the “we”? Stella just helped to raise the money. Anja & her colleagues, the childcare teacher, did the real work: they colored 70 (!) bags so that each child could hold their surprises tightly in their little hands. Just so often, we forget to thank all the teachers, nurses and other healthcare workers for what they do for our society. THANK YOU 🙂 – in particular, when a little extra honey, as coloring those brown bags, is added. Love, Corinna

Within only a couple of days, we raised 700 EUR…

…and could make Saint Nicolas came. 70 little kids, from whom around 80% come from families without a job, were enjoying his show. We made them (and obviously me) not only smile but could offer them also a hand-made colored gift bag with toothpaste, shower gel & more.

You want to support us? Happy to receive your donations: IBAN: DE21701500001000591360 // Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. Stadtsparkasse München

We made it – Saint Nicolas came to our little ones

We made it ! Last Wednesday, we could invite Saint Nicolas to our little ones. Within only a couple of days, we received the required 700€ so that 70 children could happily go home with a little present bag. Only useful things were provided such as shower gels or tooth brushes. 80% of the young children come from families in which both parents are unemployed. Some kids are coming to kindergarten without breakfast. Can you imagine that this is happening in the center of Munich, just around the train station, some hundred meters away from our elegant Maximiliansstrasse ? Life is full of opposites. Sometimes challenging as in the described context but charming in other situations as well. Happy Advent – Sunday – Yours Corinna

A role model: Andja Stojanoski

Andja Stojanoski, a very engaged person, did not think too long: she rolled up her sleeves and helped out her friends in need. The father of a family died at a very young age, left four kids behind, under them twins that were only a couple of months old. As he had to face insolvency, his family was left with nothing after his sudden death. Andja, also great in implementing ideas, has, in cooperation with Stella, organized a private fundraising for the family and managed to raise over 10.000 EUR for the family.

The world needs more Andja. Thanks! Love, Corinna

The best gift: a smile!

Dear friends,

I have been working on Stella since more than nine years. There are times, when I only see Stella work ahead of me, where I ask myself how to manage the workload. For me it means extra hours after a long busy-bee working day. Sooo much administrational organization, sooo many great project ideas I would love to support, sooo many challenges that arise in order to raise funds. And then, there are magic moments when I receive a heart-warming message. Fore example this Stella Thank You * note which I just received a couple of minutes ago from our partner school in Leh. As it made my day, I thought it would be great to share this joyful experience with you.

Life is always full of challenges. For all of us. Important is, to never give up. It is part of the game.

Yours Corinna-Rosa

Thank you…

…I would like to thank you for all your lovely messages that reaches me for the work we are doing. This is overwhelming…thank you sooo much! It is so good that you are there, supporting us with our initiative!! And it so good to read your lines, to see your smile. Rock on!! Together we are sooooo strong. Corinna

Finally: unsere Satzungsänderung ist eingetragen!

Bayerische Behörden können wirklich langsam arbeiten, sehr langsam. Gemeinnützige Vereine bringen auch bei Notaren wenig Umsatz. Oft werden sie stiefmütterlich behandelt. Unsere zuständige Dame beim Vereinsregister hatte uns ganze vier Mal (!) die von uns eingereichte Satzung zurückgeschickt. Einmal mit einer Komma-Fehler Begründung. Wir waren verpflichtet, unsere Satzung an den allgemeinen aktualisierten Satzungsstandard in einem Punkt upzudaten. Die Gesetze sind ja nicht statisch. Das ganze ging über vier Monate, erforderte viel Geduld, sanften Druck und eben ein paar Mark-Ups. Ehrenämter zu ermutigen geht sicher anders. Aber hey, liebe Stella Sternchen, nie das große Ganze aus den Augen verlieren, dann können wir hierüber auch Lächeln. Nun ist es geschafft! Happy day, Corinna

Our new annual report for the years 2014-2016 has been just released!

Dear friends, I am so happy to announce that we have our finalized annual report now in our hands. Judith Stagl supported us in bringing all information up-to-date. The report comprises more than 50 pages and shows everything we worked on in the last three years. Incredible what we were able to achieve and how we did it!! We are very proud – thank you for your ongoing support! With love, Judith & Corinna-Rosa


Yes, admin work required!

It is saturday morning. Early morning. The clouds are still hanging silently over the roofs of my neighbor houses. The streets down my apartment submerged already with the general summer vacation spirit. Almost no noise at all comes up to my open window.  As I woke up, I thought to use my morning energy to go over some Stella documents and to bring them up-to-date. Laura Much, sitting in Berlin, is supporting me. Adjusting the Stella Layout really requires time and patience as well as an exchange with the German tax authorities. Before I founded Stella in 2009, I had no clue what requirements one need to fulfill when being responsible for an „eingetragener Verein“. Wow, I still said to myself. I am an accredited lawyer but still, even I am struggling from time to time with the legal requirements. How can someone not being specially trained handle the bureaucracy, I sometimes asked myself. But, hey, sometimes it is good to start something without knowing all consequences before, right? Out of the right motivation. Mine was to make a change. And to just start. Without evaluating all pros and cons. And, as you can see, this is were we are standing with our non-profit initiative. You can be the change. Just go for it. The rest will come. Happy saturday, dear friends. With love, Corinna-Rosa

New beamer for the refugee school in Munich!

Dear friends, just recently, I received this little card which I want to share with you. Thanks to your financial support, we could provide the refugee school with two new beamers. And we all know, due to our own experiences, how useful it can be to have visual elements beamed to the wall. You might remember one of your last business meetings, university class or your own home cinema. Visualization is an important mean to train the brain, to learn. The beamers here will be used during school class for the young refugees. School teaching is so much easier and more efficient. So, I feel very happy that we were able to make such a nice gift! With love, Corinna-Rosa