Pottery Class for traumatized Women in Munich

Pottery class for traumatized women in Munich: We are not just happy but thrilled to have launched our first pottery course for traumatized women in Munich! It starts today, Wednesday, the 2nd of May, and will run for two months teaching more than 15 women how to express themselves through art. Pottery is a chance to feel new material in ones hands and to shape a new unique figure that never existed before. The participating women all have a social background in which the expression of an own character was often not taught, neither encouraged. They come from financially underprivileged families and/ or were sexually abused. For most of these women it is the first time in their life to get the chance to enter into a new life dimension. By taking the time and by being guided by an expert to first feel and then shape, to create an external body form of what they experience(d) deep inside. You think this is cool? Support us: http://www.stella-bildung-bewegt.org/geld-spenden/