Introducing Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg

The Woman behind Stella Enabling Education ….

If you would pair your name with one adjective that starts with the same letter as your name, what would this be?

Curious Corinna

Your childhood – What was it like?

I grew up in a Bavarian village close to lake Constance. During my childhood, I was out in nature most of the time, in the forest or running over fields, spending time with farm animals and teasing my two little brothers.

When you close your eyes, what can you sense when taking the mental journey back to your childhood?

What stimulated my senses the most was the heat of summer sun that remained on my skin every time I had spent another day playing outside. And: the smell of freshly mowed meadow. To me, hay frequency is still the best perfume in the world. 

What was your greatest dream at the age of sweet 16?

At the age of 16, I dreamed about leaving my village behind to explore the world. To understand better how the world works, to discover and to explore it, I traveled as often as my financial means allowed me to travel. I backpacked a lot, used the cheapest transportation, and slept in sleeping bags or in hammocks on beaches.  

You decided to study law. Was there any special reason for your decision? 

This decision was clear to me even long before I had my A-levels in my pocket. During school I had already worked enthusiastically on a thesis about the German criminal law reform, in specific regarding marital rape (punishable since 1997 in Germany). I wanted to learn more about justice and injustice. Especially, because being right does not automatically mean to get justice.  

Why did you choose to found Stella Enabling Education?

I keenly packed my backpack during the university breaks and buzzed of to foreign places. Of course, I have been exposed to social challenges during my travel trips and asked myself: What determines whether I see the light of life in the mountain villages of the Himalayas, in a mud hut in southern Ethiopia or in an economically developed Germany, where I have more chances in life to become who I would like to become – is it by chance? Why are women composing the highest number of people in the world that have been suppressed for thousands of years? Why do little girls often not get the same opportunities as their brothers? A lot of talk and no action was not what I wanted. I wanted to act. Therefore, I founded Stella Enabling Education.

What do you enjoy the most to relax?

I continue to love being in nature, going for a hike in the mountains or simply doing nothing. No social media, no phone connection. Being without any plan, but open to appreciate what comes around the corner.