Dancing workshop for traumatized kids

DANCE DANCE DANCE: Some while ago, my friend Laura Much, an international dancer, has organized via Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. a dancing workshop for the children of our partner school Blumenau in Munich. The „Kita“ Blumenau is a special education institution. More than 90% of the children have an international background with roots in Iraq, Russia or Croatia. A vast number of the kids are traumatized. They receive special care in the Kita from specially trained teacher. Laura introduced the children to dance free, to let fall their body to the rhythm of the music. She helped them to discover new movements, to forget the feeling for time and the awareness of being in a sports hall. She managed to get their attention from the very beginning – even the boys who were at the beginning watching the workshop with distance – began to get into the “wave” shortly after Laura played the music and started to dance. Laura offered the course to the children, pro bono. Not usual in these times. Here a  video of the afternoon – it was a pleasure to watch the kids leaving their “comfort zone”. Thanks Laura Much!!