Charity Art Auction

CHARITY ART AUCTION: Almost ten years ago, I have organised a charity art auction at the Lenbachhaus in Munich. Around twenty artists donated each one piece of their oeuvres for the good cause. Classical music was played by musician friends of mine. The outcome was overwhelming. We made more than 13.000€ on that night. The artists Haying Xu and Jan Davidoff joined the Stella initiative ten years ago as well and we became good friends since ten. We met last week at the art opening of Haying in the gallery Binder. This is where these pictures were made. This is her work (which I admire a lot). With Anna Wondrak, a well-respected art historian, we have recently started to plan another charity art auction in Munich. More information to be provided soon! I am already looking very much forward to the next Stella event ! Enjoy your sweet Sunday ❤☀❤