We did it : New library equipment for a remote school in the Northern part of Bali! Yeah!!

In January, I was in the Northern part of Bali helping to build up a library for more than 100 sweet elementary school kids. I will soon share more about that story, but here already some images and a few words.

With Gusti, my amazingly sweet Balinease cooperation partner, we drove with our motorbikes through heavy rain, the 300 school books somehow well and dry-safe stored under our feed, on our backs and our hips until we have finally reached the school. The school is something like an hour out of Ubud, located in a non-touristic area. And, guess what – when we arrived, the sun was shining. Magic.

The school kids waved and welcomed us warmly. I am so happy that I could give a little bid back to this magical islands that has entered into my heart already 22 years ago when I first rode on its mystical waves during my first visit here. I would love to do more here to strengthen the local cultural development.

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Love – Coco