We love to introduce POOJA from India

The 19 year old woman was born in a poor family in East Delhi. Her father works as a mason and earns around 5 EUR/ day which is barely enough to look after the family with four children. Her father’s income was not enough to feed the entire family. There were days when they didn’t have enough to feed themselves. Pooja decided to take responsibility to change the fate of her family, as she had seen only poverty all her life. She wanted to acquire skills to become employable so that she could contribute towards the family expense. She heard about Udayan Care, our cooperation partner in India, from a friend. With an interest in art and craft she applied for a six month “Graphic and Print Design Course”. Pooja being a dedicated and hardworking girl, she quickly picked up in the class. She also started to work on her soft skills by attending the workshops being provided at the centre on personality development and English communications. Today Pooja is a huge inspiration for her friends and family. Her strong spirit and determination not only changed the course of her life but also changed the life of her family. Moreover, she became a role model for girls in similar situations. We from Stella Enabling Education feel more than happy to support Pooja in her development. The world needs more examples as hers.