Spring Time is Donation Time! Your donated 25 Euro equals one school uniform in India that enables one pupil to attend school class.

With each donated 25 Euro, we can purchase one school uniform for our School Institute Udayan Care in Delhi, India. The uniforms are mandatory in India to attend class. Udayan Care is a NGO that takes care of underprivileged children. It is not only providing them with housing and care but also with the possibility to attend school and to escape the circle of poverty.

With only 25 Euro you can help to make a change.

Each Euro counts. Donate today.

Here is what Rica – working for Udayan Care – stated regarding the requirement to wear school uniforms: “Here in India it is a mandate for a student to go to school in uniformed clothes to encourage discipline, resist the peer pressure to buy trendy clothes and diminish economic and social barriers between students. Consequently, school uniform is the major pre-requisite to send children to formal schooling. So, dear Stella supporters, we are looking forward for your support so that we can continue sending our children to school. Thank you in advance for your help”.

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Stella is a is a registered non-profit organization – contribution receipts possible upon request by sending a mail to info@stella-bildung-bewegt.org. All donations up to 200 Euro are recognized without a receipt but by remittance slip.