Join for the half marathon on the 23rd of September!

Dear all – lets get out our running shoes and go for the half marathon on the 23rd of September in Munich! There is enough time to get in shape. There are fast runners and there will always be fast runners. But this is not an issue. You take your vibe and your time to make it to the end. It is not important how fast you run but that you run! So join! We will also not “just” run but we will do it for good cause! So, we will make a charity run out of this lovely event. If you register, please do it here (around 20 EUR): http://www.oktoberfestlauf.de under the name “Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V.” – we will all then be one team! I am sooo much looking forward seeing you next to me 🙂 With love, Corinna