20 Million humans are suffering from human trafficking – most of them young girls and women

For a lot of people, life is still a fight for survival. Actually, for the majority of the people living on this planet. For some of us, earth can be hell. Like for those humans that are suffering from human trafficking. I am personally not a big fan of the pope as I am not a fan of religions, no matter what religion, either. Nonetheless, I do appreciate if the big chef is raising awareness for special social issues within his community of faith. So he did last week: 20 million humans are suffering from human trafficking. 2/3 of the victims are forced to sexual acts in the industry of forced prostitution. The majority are young girls and women. I am sure, the dark number is much higher – depending also on the definition of „forced prostitution“ and the available data. To empower girls and women, education is the key. Education in the sense of not only knowing maths and writting but also of developing a strong inner personality and being inspired by others, also by other women to do different. With this, there might be a chance to escape such an imposed circle of violence, exploitation and heteronomy. With love for a great Tuesday, Corinna-Rosa