How about a donation to enable female refugees to participate at swim lessons?

Germany has shown that humanity can prevail fear by admitting refugees to enter our country. This was a major sign to the contemporary world and it made me, as a German girl, being proud of being a German. And no, not everything works out fine since then, neither did it before – e.g. some laws finally need to be stronger implemented. But that is also life: The world is never static. And better now than never. But please stop complaining, rather act and work in making the situation becoming a better one. We now have guests in our country, some of them permanently, so it is the best starting to integrate them. The sooner the better. Each of us can do so. Talk to the refugees – they are out there, in our streets next corner, invite them for a cup of coffee and just ask how they are doing. Make a little difference. With Stella and in close cooperation with our partner Startklar e.V., we would like to provide 20 young refugee women with the possibility to take swim lessons in the Müller’sches Volksbad. Why? Because women and kids are the most vulnerable one. Because they never swam in their life as no one was there to teach this skill to them. Because they love being in the water and when they enjoy what they are doing, they feel happy and smile. If you want to participate: Please donate 30 Euro for one unit of swim training for one refugee woman. Please state “Swim course” and transfer your money to IBAN: DE21701500001000591360 | BIC: SSKMDEMM // Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. Contribution receipts possible. Thanks to you and your constant support, dear Stella supporters!!