Different life scenarios but still one world.

Yesterday, I was reading the newspaper DIE ZEIT. About the hunger crisis in South Sudan. The weakest are those who die the first: the old people, the little ones, the sick. There was the story of a young boy who is daily leaving his hut before sunrise, trying to catch fishes to feed all members of his family at noon. His father is too sick to do the job. The boy himself is undernourished. Today, he could only catch one fish. One fish for the family. Not sufficient.

The same day, at night, I was celebrating the French 14th of July in a little French bar. Different society. No war. No hunger. Sufficient means in available distance, from everything too much. In Western society, people are actually eating so much – too much – that there is the perplexity that, worldwide seen, there are more people suffering from overweight and their consequences than from hunger. To top this statement: we actually do have enough to nourish everyone living with us on earth. Humanity was threatened for the majority of their lifetime by hunger. Today, we successfully managed to overcome this issue.

We all know, the world is not based on fairness. I still do not know what exactly brought me here, growing up in the Western world with all its possibilities and what brought a little boy to be born into one of the poorest and worst managed countries. Driving this question to a peak, would most probably only lead to frustration. But I do know that there is responsibility that comes along. We cannot only take and take and take and make capitalism and the value of money being our only targets. We also have to give to those who are excluded from the machinery of wealth. To not starve hunger should be a basic right for everyone in the current world. We could realize it easily.

I have founded Stella years and years ago. I am leading Stella next to the job I am earning my money to pay my rent with. When looking back, I am so proud. It is amazing what such a little NGO could achieve in the last years…from the mountain school support in the Himalaya to the e.g. school books for the street kids in Delhi or the latest idea to provide young Muslim refugee women with swim training units in Munich. So, I would like to use this Saturday morning to thank you, dear Stella stars for your ongoing and never ending financial support to make this all come real. Enjoy this lovely day – Yours, Corinna