Challenges the world is currently facing

Those with hearts that feel and eyes to see begin to observe that our world is faces various challenges that it has never had to face before. Our world covers parts that are viewed by its inhabitants as frightening due to corruptive and/ or brutal regimes, environmental or economical reasons. So frightening that they decide to leave their home. At the same time the gap between the rich and the poor people becomes larger. As of today, the richest 300 people in the world possess now more wealth that the 3,000,000,000 which counts to almost half of the total world population. In parallel we are eagerly ruining our own the planet. The one we are living on and from. Sooner than some of us might imagine, parts of our planet will become inhabitable. Clearly, we need a shift in our consciousness if we want to resolve the problems our world is currently facing. Everyone’s consciousness. Me and yours. Let’s start today, not tomorrow. Piece by piece, step by step.