You want to learn how we select school and teaching books for our children in Bali? 

Check out this lovely video from our partner on site, Gusti, while she was doing the selection these days for our new library project. Earlier in 2018, I met Gusti in Ubud/ Bali and we both went to first buy books, then drove them with our scooters up north behind the volcano through the jungle before delivering them to the kids in need. I am so thrilled and so happy that we can proceed with our library project on Bali and do more and more to improve the situation for the remote village kids! It means a lot to me. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!! With your financial support, you do so much: Each donated Euro can be leveraged on site. What you get back for your donation? Hope and perspective for children that are not growing up in such a privilege environment as we do. 

Thank you and: Don’t stop believing in change.

Yours – Corinna-Rosa

PS: Gusti: I love your spirit, your smile. See you soon. 

We believe in cooperation with strong local partners on site to make a change

Education is key for a change as it allows not only a professional but also a personal development

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Since all cost of Stella are funded by private and corporate partners, 100% of your donation flows directly into the realization of these projects

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