Yes, admin work required!

It is saturday morning. Early morning. The clouds are still hanging silently over the roofs of my neighbor houses. The streets down my apartment submerged already with the general summer vacation spirit. Almost no noise at all comes up to my open window.  As I woke up, I thought to use my morning energy to go over some Stella documents and to bring them up-to-date. Laura Much, sitting in Berlin, is supporting me. Adjusting the Stella Layout really requires time and patience as well as an exchange with the German tax authorities. Before I founded Stella in 2009, I had no clue what requirements one need to fulfill when being responsible for an „eingetragener Verein“. Wow, I still said to myself. I am an accredited lawyer but still, even I am struggling from time to time with the legal requirements. How can someone not being specially trained handle the bureaucracy, I sometimes asked myself. But, hey, sometimes it is good to start something without knowing all consequences before, right? Out of the right motivation. Mine was to make a change. And to just start. Without evaluating all pros and cons. And, as you can see, this is were we are standing with our non-profit initiative. You can be the change. Just go for it. The rest will come. Happy saturday, dear friends. With love, Corinna-Rosa