Why Stella?

“Travelling opens one’s eyes”

“Travelling opens one’s eyes” – this applies not only to beauty, but also to the injustices of this world. The many memorable encounters expand the mind and leave its mark.

Confronting Social Challenges

Children in the Himalayas whose mothers are only 14 years old and their fathers are unknown; before the sun rises, women the Philippines make breakfast in the dark in order to be at work at daybreak in the rice fields – with the smallest child strapped to their backs- while their husbands sleep off a night of drinking; killing newborn baby girls in India because their parents are unable to raise the expected dowry when their daughters reach marrying age; brutally circumcised girls in Ethiopia having lost trust in her own mothers, who were present at the cruel ritual, and for the very intimate and physical violation that leaves behind pain and shame; the wealth of the villa owners in Rio de Janeiro right next door to the run-down slums …

Show Initiative and Commitment

I have been exposed to these social challenges during my numerous trips around the world: What determines whether I see the light of life in the mountain villages of the Himalayas, in a mud hut in southern Ethiopia or in economically developed Germany, where I can lead a privileged life – is it by chance? All talk and no action is not who I am. I wanted to act and therefore I founded Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. (“Stella Enabling Education”). My focus is to support disadvantaged children and young people, who through education may be able to take their life on another trajectory.
“Educate one child, and you educate a whole village “.

Charity Established in 2009

Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. was officially launched on January 4th, 2009 and accepted as a “charitable organization” under German law on March 23rd, 2009. Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. is now more than just a local initiative and has grown to a global organization- consisting of members and volunteers, the Stella “stars” – that extend from Munich to Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich, Hanoi, Addis and Delhi …