Why did I choose to found Stella Enabling Education?

I keenly packed my backpack during the university breaks and buzzed of to foreign places: Low budget and with the chance to connect with the locals. Of course, I have been exposed to social challenges during my travel trips and asked myself: What determines whether I see the light of life in the mountain villages of the Himalayas, in a mud hut in southern Ethiopia or in economically developed Germany, where I have more chances in life to become who I would like to become – is it by chance? Why are women composing the highest number of people in the world who are suppressed since thousands of years? Why do they largely not recognizing their conditioning (as being – wrongly – viewed as “inferior to men”) and even transfer this wrong thinking to their daughters? Why do little girls often not get the same opportunities from their parents in life as their brothers?

All talk and no action is not what I wanted. I wanted to act. Therefore, I founded Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. (“Stella Enabling Education”). The focus of my non-profit initiative is to support disadvantaged children and young people through education so that they may be able to take their life on another trajectory. The slogan “Educate one child, and you educate a whole village ” is so true…I experienced it myself when I stayed with one of our partner NGO in the Himalayas. The kids return during their summer school break back home to their villages. Some of them are so remote that it takes them hours, sometimes even more than one night to reach their home. There they share what they have learned in their daily life with those who cannot attend an educational program.