The best gift: a smile!

Dear friends,

I have been working on Stella since more than nine years. There are times, when I only see Stella work ahead of me, where I ask myself how to manage the workload. For me it means extra hours after a long busy-bee working day. Sooo much administrational organization, sooo many great project ideas I would love to support, sooo many challenges that arise in order to raise funds. And then, there are magic moments when I receive a heart-warming message. Fore example this Stella Thank You * note which I just received a couple of minutes ago from our partner school in Leh. As it made my day, I thought it would be great to share this joyful experience with you.

Life is always full of challenges. For all of us. Important is, to never give up. It is part of the game.

Yours Corinna-Rosa