Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. provides „Kita Blumenau“ with bilingual books!

The Kita Blumenau offers a shelter for children with disadvantage social backgrounds. More than 90% of the children have families with non-German origins. Some do come from Turkey and Iran whereas other infants where born in Russia or Serbia. Therefore, the majority of the kids do not have parents whose mother tongue is German. One can imagine the challenge they have to face when beginning as a pupil in one of the German school classes.

Do you really have the same starting conditions as a German native speaker when passing a history test written in German language?

To ease that (future) situation, we provided the young “Kita” kids at Blumenau with bilingual books written e.g. half in Turkish, half in German. I was running through the pages of the lovely designed books during one of my last visits in Blumenau and tried myself to learn a bit of Serbian…! :o) Attached some photos of the books – enjoy!


IMG_7351 IMG_7350 IMG_7349 IMG_7348 IMG_7347 IMG_7346