Our Art Happening “Im Heizkraftwerk” on the 17.10.2018

✨ Our Art Happening “Im Heizkraftwerk” is getting closer. We are so looking forward to a magic night full of smooth Jazz sounds, a speed exhibition of more than 40 fascinating oeuvres (paining and photography), interesting 5 min. key notes as well as stunning acrobatics. All this will be crowned by an art auction that will be guided by the famous art auction house Karl&Faber. The proceeds will flow into urgently required school books in Indonesia and India (Stella Enabling Education e.V.). ✨
✨For more info about the event: https://www.stella-bildung-bewegt.org/fundraising/. The event is free of charge and no registration is required. ✨
✨ To ease the preparation, drop us an email by confirming your participation anyhow: kunstversteigerung@stella-bildung-bewegt.org