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Dear all,

Life is anything but fair. A lesson that took me a lot of effort to learn. Eventually, however, I too came to understand that justice is simply not a principle found in nature.

It is man-made and is often used as an argument when it serves certain interests. I am now consciously looking at lobbying-  as one example.

We can only set certain points of light within the framework of our association activities of Stella. We like to do this with preference for children and for women. Yes, men are disadvantaged with us and we stand by that.

Currently we are looking for funds to support us with the following educational projects:

Books for “Kinderhort” as well as donations in kind in Munich downtown: refugee children are looked after while their mothers can attend German language courses. In my conversations with them, the German exam is an incredible stress factor for them. Many women lack any school education, so the fear and anxiety due to the new situation is understandable.

Further support for our home for handicapped children in the north of Bali: Every time I am on site, I ask myself how one can get through this as a human being. So much suffering and joy at the same time, all under one roof. The disabled children are often also considered bad “karma” in Indonesia and are regularly locked away home when they with their families. Our partner Noman has created a home on site for more than 40 children with healthy food, physiotherapeutic treatment as well as adequate professional care. Something I personally would not have the strength to do. She and her team have my full admiration. An interview with her can be found here. And another greetings from the kids here.

Support us: With money or donations in kind. 

Together life is simply more beautiful and I believe we can be so much more than what we are right now!

Happy last weeks of the year wishes you

Corinna & the whole Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. Team

We are also looking for office staff on a pro bono basis – Get in touch in case interested.


We believe in cooperation with strong local partners on site to make a change

Education is key for a change as it allows not only a professional but also a personal development

Support our work by donating 100 EUR, 200 EUR, 500 EUR or 1000 EUR: STELLA BILDUNG BEWEGT E.V. | STADTSPARKASSE MÜNCHEN | IBAN DE 21 7015 0000 1000 591360 | BIC SSKMDEMM

Since all cost of Stella are funded by private and corporate partners, 100% of your donation flows directly into the realization of these projects

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