New series *Ten Times Ten* with musician Ben Wesch – a presentation of 10 Stella Supporters via 10 questions. Enjoy the reading.


Name: Benjamin Philipp Wesch

Nationality: German

Place of residence: Munich

Education: Graphic Design, Gypsy Jazz

Current occupation: Design and Product Management

Engagement for Stella: Picking guitar strings

1. Do you know stage fright?

I certainly do. But after a few gigs that usually began with strong feelings of stress and ended nicely, I start to find myself even in a state of trance which – as far as I was told – seems to be often the consequence of stage fright.

2. Why did music become so important in your life?

Making music became home and is always a place I like to return to – independent from external circumstances.

3. Why do you play pro bono for Stella?

Because we like Coco! J … and because we have fun playing for people who enjoy listening to our music.

4. How would you encourage other musicians who are practicing less and do not feel being talented?

I used to play very simple things for myself for many years. Even enjoyed two or three chords and experiments with rhythms and sounds instead of complex compositions. Everyone could have played that.

And I think, people who really like music are also talented in some ways and for some instrument. And there are many, many different instruments around.

5. Will you let us know your personal mantra?

Even if it might not really be a mantra: permanently changing and understanding perspectives always seems like a good idea.

6. As you have a daughter, what do you try to give her to take regarding care/ empathy for those who cannot live as privileged as we can?

Since my daughter has a mother coming from India who tells her a lot about her country – including the children living there -, she’s growing up with different perspectives.

7. How do you feel when making music?


8. What can the audience anticipate for the music night on 22nd of January / Seidlvilla?

A colorful mixture of arrangements and improvisations inspired by the Jazz style and spirit of Django Reinhardt.

9. How would you describe the music you play?

Jazz with courage for melody.

10. Your personal 2015 wish?

Well kept secret.