Mission: New libraries in Indonesia

Child bride or child doctor? Education makes the difference. Education is key for girls to resist suppression and poverty.

I will be soon back in Indonesia, using my annual vacation time, meeting my cooperation partner Gusti and help building up other libraries in remote parts of Bali (North). We want to replace the rotten school books that are in use for more than 30 years (see pic) by new ones. Our fresh school book material is bilingual (so the kids learn English at the same time) and offers contemporary content (as e.g. environmental issues or the protection of the Urang Utans). We want to provide more children, in particular (but not just) girls, with access to education.

Since all cost of Stella (as e.g. travel expenses and administration cost) are funded by private and corporate partners, 100% of your donation flows directly into the realization of these projects. We are all working pro bono and next to our regular jobs for Stella.

Education is key for a change as it allows not only a professional but also a personal development

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Thank you so much for our ongoing support! Our NGO has now been operating for more than 10 years and could change the life for more than 4000 women and young children so far.

Lets make the world brighter!

You are a gift to the world.

Love, Yours Corinna-Rosa