Ever felt bad when shopping for yourself? Not anymore! Simply choose smile.amazon.de for your shopping in future and support Stella at no extra cost :-)

Since Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. is now part of the smile.amazon program, you could do good for our children and donate just by sitting on the couch doing your shopping at Amazon. How?

Thanks to smile.amazon.de 0.5% of the value of certain goods purchased are automatically given to Stella instead of the vendor. Since the program is 100% transparent you’ll see the amount we have received from you and in total at one glance in your account.

All you have to do for keeping the Stella funds flowing is logging into your amazon account under the smile.amazon.de website instead of the usual amazon website (or instead of using the app)!

When you and your friends shop at smile.amazon.de our donations quickly add up. So spread the word!