Read the story of our little girl Komang Aget Antari from Bali

✨Do you want to know to whom your donations are flowing to?
✨Read the story of our little girl Komang Aget Antari from Bali ♥️
✨We have been supporting her education thanks to your donations!
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Our Antari is a girl who is unfortunately very familiar with poverty. She grows up in a family who literally have nothing. The girl is the oldest of two daughters. Her father and mother work on a farm next to their hut in the Northern part of Bali/ Indonesia.
Her parents usually leave in the morning shortly after sunrise and come back late afternoon. Their parents can barely fulfill their children’s need as their monethly income is less than 100 EUR.
Often, Antari put on used clothes donated by her neighbors. For her education, she usually got used bag, shoes, book, pencils from her other friends from her parents. She daily walks a long way across the farmland and the dense tropical forest to finally reach the school on her own.
Being in school and being able to be educated provides her not only with pride but also with a deep sense of happiness. Reading in the library is one of her favorites as she does not have neither toys, nor books or a smartphone back home in their parents hut. That is why she always takes the chance to be in the school library reading story books.
Stella Enabling Education e.V. provided the school with the library early this years when Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg was on Bali.
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