✨More books for South India✨

✨ We feel very happy that we could provide our school project in Southern India with more school books. Our local partner has been cooperating with us since a couple of years and since then, we have already been successfully launching various educational projects together. The latest is this one. Due to the high donation amount of one amazingly kind donor coming from the Allgäu/ Bavaria, we could buy more than 800 school books for the street kids in South India.

✨Why we have decided to collaborate? Because we felt an urge to do so. We have been working with our Indian partner NGOs for more than a decade and our experiences were – surely also due to our highly selective process that stands at the beginning of each partnership – overwhelming positive. Street kids in India do have a difficult life. Some experiences they have to make are just not imaginable for us. But street kids do also have the same interests as other children living somewhere else as well. They want to feel listened to, loved, stimulated and inspired. Books do not only offer the chance to get better in reading & writing but they do often also offer a new world for them. A world full of imagination that provides creativity and a vision-full thinking. A great base for a strong personality that hopefully will one day be able to escape the circle of poverty.

✨We feel very very thankful that we could help so much. Thank you, dear sponsor(s).

✨Love wins, Yours Stella Team