✨Dec 2018: Digital Center of Education in Southern India completed! ✨


✨We are very proud to have realized another project in South India: This month, we have completed the digital center „Project Pragathi“ in the state of Andhra Pradesh in close cooperation with our Indian partner Children Right & You (CRY). With this project we are reaching out to more than 18 rural and remote Indian villages. In the Digital Center, 200 children are learning through the usage of computers and other digital means current modules of e.g. Physics, Mathematics and English. The Digital Centre will enhance children’s learning outcome, will make the children comfortable to use and work with digital technology and will contribute towards the overall quality level of education for non-privileged children. All the children do have a financially challenging social background, for some of them education elsewhere would not be possible at all. Our focus is to support young girls, empower them and give them a voice. Therefore it is also important to teach how to avoid ill practices in society as e.g. child marriage or child labour. And we do not keep silent on those aspects. On the contrary, we name them. They are part of our curriculum as transparency and clarification of facts are one pillar to make a change.

✨Check out the video made by our corporate partner. Get an insight about how the digital center looks like in real and what the girls have to say about their training. 

We believe in cooperation with strong partners on site to make a change

Women are key to stabilize societies, so our focus are young girls as they are also future mothers

Education is key for a change as it allows not only a professional but also a personal development

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